About Us

Therapy of Trees

Rooted in Nature, Crafted for Holistic Healing, Discover how Therapy of Trees is redefining wellness with every leaf, stem, and flower. Join us on a journey where ancient wisdom meets modern science, creating harmony in every bottle for a healthier, more vibrant you.

Our Vision

Create a future where holistic, plant-based health solutions are not just an alternative but a fundamental choice for people everywhere, fostering a deeper connection between our health and the healing wonders of mother earth.

Our Mission

Revolutionize health by tapping into the immense healing potential hidden within the intricate chemistry of plants. We do this by fusing centuries of ancient wisdom with groundbreaking modern research to craft formulations for a healthier and vibrant living.


Our Quality Commitment

At Therapy of Trees, we stand by the purity of our 100% plant-based formulations. Each ingredient is rigorously tested and our final products undergo stringent third-party assessments for purity, potency, and safety. Our commitment to transparency is absolute—no fillers, no chemicals, no allergens, just nature's bounty. For full disclosure, simply scan the QR code on our products to access a detailed ingredient list and test results. Your trust is our promise.

Uncompromised Purity

We ensure that every ingredient in our products is 100% plant-based, steering clear of synthetic fillers, chemicals, and drugs.. Our commitment to purity starts from the ground up, selecting only the finest natural elements for your health and well-being

Rigorous Testing

Before any product reaches your hands, it undergoes a thorough verification process. First each ingredient is individually tested for purity, potency, and safety before it goes into an product, and then the final blends are third-party tested. This rigorous scrutiny confirms the potency and safety of our formulations, guaranteeing you receive a product that is not only effective but also consistent in quality

Absolute Transparency

Transparency isn't just a policy; it's a pillar of our ethos. A simple scan of the QR code on any product reveals its entire story—from details of each ingredient to the conclusive third-party test results. We believe in providing you with all the information needed to make an informed choice about your health.


Our Climate Commitment

At Therapy of Trees, our Climate Commitment is woven into every fiber of our operations. Mindfully designed packaging that optimizes space and maximizes shipping efficiency, coupled with local bottling in India to stay close to our ingredient sources, significantly reduces our environmental impact. Beyond our process efficiencies, we pledge 1% of all earnings to 'Trees for the Future'—a testament to our dedication to sustainable land use and nurturing the health of our planet.

Sustainable Packaging

We believe in minimizing waste not only in our products but also in our packaging. Our specially engineered packages are designed to reduce space waste, ensuring that every shipment is as efficient and eco-friendly as possible. It’s our way of ensuring that we deliver wellness without unnecessary environmental costs

Reduced Carbon Footprint

By bottling our products in India, in close proximity to where many of our key ingredients are sourced, we significantly cut down on transportation emissions. This deliberate choice helps us lower our carbon footprint, reflecting our dedication to a healthier planet

Giving Back to Nature

Our commitment to the climate goes beyond our operations. We proudly donate 1% of our earnings to 'Trees for the Future', a non-profit organization dedicated to sustainable land use and reforestation. Through this partnership, we aim to contribute to global reforestation efforts, helping communities and ecosystems to thrive.